Purpose and Mandate

The Independent Schools Association, BC, will be a leader in education. 

To advocate for and strengthen our community of schools through collaboration and connectedness.   

The collaborative strength of the ISABC means that expertise, policies, ideas are shared amongst the schools.  There is tremendous support and dialogue between our schools and staff that sharpens the excellence of our schools.  As open-minded educators we learn from each other at every level – Teaching Staff, Administrators, Leaders, Support Staff  - and of course, our Students.



The provision and achievement of our schools is exceptional and we believe we have much to share with and offer the wider educational community; our schools and staff are generous with their expertise and time.

Click here http://www.isabc.ca/about-us/strategic-plan to see the strategic plan overview, values and brand position. These are the ISABC's Goals and Strategic Priorities (2016-2020)

1. Advocacy
Strategic priorities:

  • We will strengthen our voice within FISA
  • We will establish a distinct ISABC voice with the BC Ministry of Education and the Province
  • We will establish relationships with organization and the broader community that will benefit our members and others

2. Community
Strategic priorities:

  • We will provide distinct and relevant professional development opportunities
  • We will provide value added collaborative opportunities for staff, students and Boards
  • We will offer opportunities for member schools to create resource efficiencies and avoid duplication


3. Leadership
Strategic priorities:

  • We will have a reputation for research and the promotion, sharing, and celebration of innovation and excellent practices
  • We will promote the importance of moral purpose, good character and community outreach
  • We will be recognized as a robust, efficient, and effective organization

For information about ISABC's Ombudsperson services, please contact Elizabeth Moore, Executive Director or by phone at 604-913-6038.