Student Leadership Program


The ISABC, in partnership with Future Design School, has developed a student leadership program that aims to empower students by developing leadership skills which will then be applied directly in their schools.  The program began with a two-day residential leadership training at Keats Camp, students and teachers worked collaboratively to design a program for their school that seeks to respond to the question: ‘How might we create a more inclusive school community?"
Student have sinced returned back to their schools to implement their learning. Throughout this process, students will learn key leadership skills such as active listening, self-awareness, human-centered design, empathy, reflection, giving and receiving good advice, developing and pitching ideas, and public speaking. Teacher Facilitators have also receive hands-on professional development on how to apply design thinking tools and methods to enhance student learning and leadership.
Important Dates
The Teacher Training takes place on September 25th, 2018
The Student Leaderhip residential takes place at Keats Camp on October 19th and 20th, 2018
Each participating school is recording their progress on the ISABC Student Leadership Website.  Please view the site to review the outstanding progress by clicking on the School Projects tab and then selecting a school.