Prospective Heads Development Program 2019 - 2020


September 16, 2019
Event Description: 

The ISABC Prospective Heads Development program  provides a robust, authentic training program to prepare and support prospective Heads in ISABC schools. 
The program will:
•  Be  tailored  to  the  professional  learning  needs  of  individual  course  participants  and  meet  the  needs  of  ISABC  schools  for  improved  succession  planning
•  Focus  on  the  high  level  skills  of  leadership  in  an  independent  school  context
•  Enable  participants  to  reflect,  practice  and  learn  alongside  peers,  an experienced Head mentor and  other prominent  educators  in  BC
•  Provide  opportunity  for  an  in-school  reflective inquiry  project  interrogating  leadership  practices
•  Support  learning  with  relevant  speakers  drawn  from  ISABC  schools  and  BC  contexts  (industry,  universities,  Ministry)
•  Provide the opportunity to create a practical blueprint for the first 90 days as a new Head of School
Program Dates
2019 - September 15 & 16, November 2
2020 - January 16, March 6, April 13, June 5 & 6
To apply, please complete the GoogleForm.