Newly Qualified Teachers Training Programme 2019-2020


April 19, 2018
Event Description: 

The ISABC Newly Qualified Teachers program aims to provide new teachers with networking and collaboration opportunities with other ISABC colleagues and 2 taught sessions over the academic year. The program is structured around three main full day pro-d opportunities; an initial session in the fall, a cross-school visit/observation day at another ISABC school in the winter, and a final session in the spring. The program aims to be tailored to the specific needs of new educators and hopes to provide a space for fellow teachers to connect and collaborate with other members of the ISABC community.
1.  To support and provide general professional development for Newly Qualified Teachers in ISABC schools in their first two years of teaching;

2.  To enhance and further the ISABC mission of collaboration, sharing good practice and creating a stronger collective body

Anyone who is new to the ISABC who has 2 or fewer years teaching experience
The first session will be held at WPGA on the 18th October: The agenda is posted here.
There will be a school visit in January or February 2019 (to be determined by schools).
The second session will be held at Brockton School (provisional) on Monday 4th May 2020.
To apply please complete the Application Form or for further inquiries, please connect with the ISABC office: