Fraser Academy: Positive Education Certification (PEC)


Event Location: 
Fraser Academy, Kitsilano
August 10, 2020 to August 14, 2020
Event Description: 

The Positive Education Certification (PEC Programâ„¢) is a five day training program by the Center for Positive Education, hosted by Fraser Academy. The PEC Program draws on tenants of wellbeing science, including Positive Psychology, Positive Education, Neuroscience and Integrative Health.
Geared towards K-12 educators, this training equips you to help your students build positive emotions, willpower, grit, emotional regulation, resilience, mindfulness, growth mindsets and strengths. You will also learn how to create environments that foster belonging, engagement, kindness and vitality.
The PEC Program will empower you with the tools for building greater positive emotions, engagement, flourishing relationships, greater meaning and purpose, accomplishment and vitality.