The ISABC supports its member schools in their development of world-class educators by encouraging collaboration and networking opportunities, providing professional development, promoting best practice, and facilitating action research.

ISABC works to connect leaders across our member schools. We facilitate 14 Leadership groups, including Heads of ISABC Schools; Principals of Early Learning, Junior, Middle and Senior School; Marketing and Communications, Admissions, HR, Business, and Risk Managers; Network and Educational Technologist Leaders; Learning Resource, Athletics and Service Learning Coordinators. Collaboration groups connect Heads of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Languages as well as Librarians, Heads' Executive Assistants and University Counselors.

Individual ISABC Schools hold professional development sessions and lectures to which other schools and the general public are invited.

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There are no upcoming Educational Information and Research events. Please check back soon.

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  • Sep 27 Thu

    ISABC Conference

    Aberdeen Hall

    Aberdeen Hall will be hosting the ISABC Conference on September 27th and 28th, 2018.  
    The Conference is open to colleagues in Marketing and Communications, Admissions, Advancement, Alumni and International Relations.  
    There has been a block booking made at the Delta Grand Hotel. Attendees can use booking reference M-BKLCTX6 for special room rates. 
    Itinerary (additional details will be added shortly)
    Thursday Sept 27     
    5:00-6:00PM              Check in at The Grand Hotel
    6:30-8:30PM              Keynote presentation and dinner at the Yacht Club

    Friday, Sept 28
    8:30AM                      Shuttle to Aberdeen Hall
    9:00-3:00PM             Workshop – Itinerary TBA
    To register for the conference please complete the Registration Google Form.  

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  • Sep 1 Sat

    Prospective Heads Development Program 2018 - 2019

    The ISABC Prospective Heads Development program  provides a robust, authentic training program to prepare and support prospective Heads in ISABC schools. 
    The program will:
    •  Be  tailored  to  the  professional  learning  needs  of  individual  course  participants  and  meet  the  needs  of  ISABC  schools  for  improved  succession  planning
    •  Focus  on  the  high  level  skills  of  leadership  in  an  independent  school  context
    •  Enable  participants  to  reflect,  practice  and  learn  alongside  peers,  an experienced Head mentor and  other prominent  educators  in  BC
    •  Provide  opportunity  for  an  in-school  reflective inquiry  project  interrogating  leadership  practices
    •  Support  learning  with  relevant  speakers  drawn  from  ISABC  schools  and  BC  contexts  (industry,  universities,  Ministry)
    •  Provide the opportunity to create a practical blueprint for the first 90 days as a new Head of School
    Program Dates
    2018 - September 16 & 17, November 3
    2019 - January 17, March 8, April 16, June 7 & 8
    To apply, please complete the GoogleForm.

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  • Aug 24 Fri

    Action Research Bursary Program 2018 - 2019

    Deadline - Expressions of Interest by June 1st, 2018.
    Applications and Heads Endorsement due by June 15th, 2018. A more detailed proposal will be due by August 24th, 2018.




    Queries to Elizabeth Moore elizabeth.moore@isabc.ca or Farrah Jinha info@isabc.ca

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There are no upcoming Student Leadership Program events. Please check back soon.