Team Leadership Development Programme

Team Leadership Development Programme

October 3, 2014
End Date - June 3, 2015
Event Location: 
Various locations - see attached programme

Team Leader Development
Outline Programme and Application Form

Please see the attached programme at the bottom of the page for the application form.
Email your scanned completed application form to by Friday 29th August 2014.  To maintain an intimate and cohesive group, spaces will be limited to 16.
Aims and Objectives
To provide a robust, authentic training programme to prepare and support prospective and practising team leaders in ISABC schools
The programme will:
• Be tailored to the professional learning needs of course participants and meet the needs of ISABC schools for improved professional development and succession planning
• Focus on the high level skills of leadership required in the independent school context
• Enable participants to reflect on own practice and learn alongside peers & experienced leaders
• Provide opportunity for an ‘Reflective Enquiry’ project interrogating the participant’s own leadership practices
• Support learning with relevant speakers drawn from ISABC schools and BC contexts (industry, universities, Ministry)
The programme will comprise:
• A year-long teaching and mentoring programme around topical areas of leadership.
• 6 (2 full day; 6 half-day (1.30pm-5pm)) meetings which will take place approximately every 4-6 weeks 
• Allocation of a mentor who is currently a leader in an ISABC school
• Two visits to another ISABC school 
• An Reflective Enquiry Project  encouraging reflection in an area of change management
Cost is projected to be approximately $800 - $1000 for the year and will include everything.  A personalised evaluation of your leadership capacity and/or social-emotional intelligence quotient may be included, although this may be an additional cost.  There may be a small number of spaces available on specific courses for ‘drop-in’ attendance by teachers not on the programme.
The programme (provisional) will include the following modules and more:
1. Leadership theory and practice, and strategic planning
2. Public Speaking
3. Honing social-emotional intelligence – managing conflict, dealing with difficult people
4. Mentoring for school improvement – accountability/supporting teachers’ growth and training
5. Financial management and HR
6. The Teacher Regulation Board – dealing with challenging situations
7. Problem-solving – managing real-life incidents and problems with a panel of ISABC leaders

Team Programme Sessions: More detailed information
 Session 1: What is Leadership? (Residential – half day Friday & half-day Saturday) 3pm Friday 3rd  to 1pm Saturday 4th October 2014, Shawnigan Lake School
• An overview of the leadership styles and models of leadership
• Identification of participants’ leadership styles  (e.g. Meyers-Briggs questionnaire)
• A consideration and application of the knowledge and skills team leaders need: creating a vision plan
• Distributive leadership - empowering your team
• An overview of the Reflective Enquiry reflection project
• Public Speaking: capturing your audience’s attention and honing public speaking skills
School Visit to mentor November 2014 (half day)
Date agreed with Mentor & Team Leader participant
 Session 2: Social-Emotional intelligence 9am-2pm, Wednesday 3rd December, Aspengrove - Full day)
• A workshop for understanding one’s own socio-emotional intelligence
• Engaging with stakeholders
• Managing people and conflict
 Session 3: Supporting Teachers’ Professional Growth and training 1-5pm, Friday 16th - January Mulgrave (Half day)
• Observations and feedback from observations for growth
• Mentoring for school improvement
• Developing Growth Plan Models for educators
• Quality Assurance and accountability
• Practical session: classroom observations and feedback
2nd School half-day visit for lesson observations and feedback February (Half day)
Date agreed with mentor and Team Leader participant
Session 4: Practicalities of a Leadership Role 9.30 – 3.30pm, Monday March 2nd, St John’s School (Full Day)
• Review  - Reflective Enquiry progress
Teacher Regulation Board
• Managing the difficult situations
• Reviewing the TRB teacher protocols and expectations
• Case studies
• Financial Management: budgets and managing finances
Human Resource Management: Taking the mystery out of recruitment practices; interviewing, employment standards; contracts, job profiles, general policy design
Session 5: In the role 2pm-8pm: Wednesday 3rd June, Stratford Hall (Half day and evening)
• A panel of leaders talk about their roles, challenges and experiences
• Case studies and real-life problem-solving
• Managing people and conflict (real-life application)
• Celebratory Dinner: presentation of Reflective enquiry project
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Detailed Programme and Application form: Team Leadership 2014-2015