Library Technician

August 24, 2020
Aug 31 2020
As Soon As Possible
Full Time

Job Description Title: Library Technician
Department: Junior School and Senior School
Supervises: No Supervisory Duties

Stratford Hall, an independent, K-12 IB World School, invites applications from individuals who wish to join our dynamic team. Located in Vancouver, BC, the School is home to 530 students and a faculty and staff of over 85 teachers and support staff. Our graduates attend the top post-secondary schools in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. Stratford Hall was the first IB continuum school in BC and has a rich tradition of educational excellence in the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.
Position Rationale and Goal:
The libraries at Stratford Hall are designed to function as learning commons so that they can connect with all aspects of the K-12 curriculum. The Library Assistant's role is aimed at supporting the management of our library spaces (PYP, MYP and DP) so that our Teacher-Librarians (Learning Specialists for Research and Resources; TL’s) are better able to collaborate with teachers and embed their expertise across the curriculum.
Ideal Candidate Profile and Qualifications:
Candidates for any position at the school are expected to possess:
● Fluent communication skills in English, both spoken and written
● Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills
● The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team
● A willingness and ability to learn new skills
For this position, the ideal candidate will have:
● Working knowledge and/or previous experience in a library setting
● A passion for reading and a knowledge of children’s books
● Model and encourage a culture of kindness in support of the IB Learner Profile so that the library spaces are warm, organized and welcoming for a variety of purposes for all community members
● Complete all tasks assigned as part of the to-do list updated by the Teacher-Librarians
Library Circulation
● Check-in/check-out procedures
o note: volunteers of any kind should not have access to student records in the cataloguing system, therefore check-ins and check-outs must not be conducted by volunteers unless a change of system allows for such.
● Manage, track and communicate with students and families about overdue materials
● Manage recalls and holds
● Maintain the patron database and Destiny to ensure that they are current and up to date
Catalogue, Processing and Maintenance:
● Maintain copycat cataloguing (z-mark) and original cataloguing with coding according to MARC standards
● Conduct library inventory annually
● Mend and/or remove damaged books from circulation when they are unrepairable
● Track serials (to make sure we receive them; notifying jobber if we don't)
● Shelve books, periodicals and other library resources
● Barcode and label all new materials for tracking
● Assist with the filing, weeding and displaying of library materials in conjunction with teacher-librarians
Marketing, promotion and increasing access to resources, events, spaces, and clubs:
● Maintain the library/learning commons spaces (including library shelves in grades 8-10 studios) in a manner so that resources are as tidy and accessible as possible, on a daily basis
● Maintain accessibility of resources so they can be found due to the rotation of materials through different spaces and displays in order to maximize exposure to students and teachers
● Assist with the filing, weeding and displaying of university materials and other community resources in conjunction with TL’s and University Counselor
● Pull resources from bibliographies created by TLs and/or assist teachers, in conjunction with the TLs in the gathering of materials for reading and research periods, units of work and other resource-based learning
● Help organize and publish subject/topic/unit pathfinders based on resources provided by TL’s
● Help promote resources through marketing campaigns and events alongside the TL’s
● Help organize, train and manage student volunteers and parent volunteers
● Assist TLs with maintenance of the library website
● Help find resources requested by TL’s and assist with the ordering process with TL approval

Terms of Employment:
Salary will be determined by the Head of School in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Operations and will be commensurate with the employee’s experience and training. All other terms of employment not covered in this job description are outlined in the Employment Agreement.
Application Procedure:
All interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resume, attention Junior and Senior School Principals, to