Child Care Support Staff

Stratford Hall, Vancouver, BC, Canada
November 8, 2017

The School:
Opened in 2000, Stratford Hall is a non-profit, co-ed, non-denominational, independent K-12 school located in East Vancouver. Through the continuum of International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes, we strive to create well-rounded students who are inquirers and critical thinkers who approach learning with a balanced and knowledgeable perspective. The school culture at Stratford Hall is warm and inclusive and we work hard to build a strong sense of community between students, parents, faculty and staff as a family in learning.
Position Rationale and Goal:
After School Care (ASC) is offered to parents of students in kindergarten to grade 7 and is an integral part of the school. In addition to working in the ASC program during the school year, Child Care Support Staff also work in summer camp and camps that occur during school breaks. During the school day, the Child Care team provide supervision duties during breaks in order to free up teachers for planning time and then during class time, provide in-class support in the PYP. The Child Care Coordinator works closely with the Junior School Principal to schedule supervision and in-class learning assistance to ensure that our students are safe and that Child Care Support Staff are being used to their best capacity to support student learning. The Child Care Coordinator also works closely with the Summer Program Coordinator to plan and execute camps.
Ideal Candidate Profile and Qualifications:
Candidates for any position at the school are expected to possess:

  • Fluent communication skills in English, both spoken and written.
  • Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team.

For this position, the ideal candidate will have:

  • An absolute passion for working with children and the adults that work with them
  • Formal training or education in an Early Childhood/Child Development program
  • +2 years of experience in an ASC or similar-type environment

Key Responsibilities:

  • Model and encourage a culture of kindness in support of the IB Learner Profile;

Team Ethos and Approach

  • Model and encourage a culture of kindness in support of the IB Learner Profile
  • Treat students with respect, empathy and understanding while being firm and fair
  • Encourage the development of independence and self-help skills in children
  • Establish a positive, team-oriented, inclusive atmosphere within the Child Care staff

Planning, Supporting and Monitoring

  • Develop programs for specific age groups in afterschool care
  • Be engaged with children at all times, actively participating in daily routines and activities
  • Plan, carry out and assess developmentally appropriate activities and experiences in alignment with the ASC ethos
  • Organize space, equipment and materials for activities
  • Assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions or comments that extend conversations and provoke thinking
  • Encourage and assist children to practice self-help skills
  • Incorporate the interests of children in developing weekly themes and “big ideas”
  • Provide a balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, and individual/ group activities

Health and Safety

  • Ensure that students are safe at all times through adequate supervision that is active and proactive
  • Set clear behavioural expectations consistent with the ASC ethos
  • Immediately address problem behaviour and provide redirection, opportunity for reflection, and coaching of appropriate behaviour
  • Ensure the adherence of safety routines and emergency procedures
  • Ensure that all outside spaces, including Clark Park, are clean and safe to use
  • Communicate with the Child Care Coordinator, classrooms teachers and Junior School Principal when necessary, including any injuries or serious incidents
  • Manage the Commercial Drive crossings so that safety is assured
  • Ensure that first aid bags are taken to the fields
  • Supervise the release of children to authorized persons only

Teaching and Learning Assistance In-Class

  • Facilitate student learning by following the teacher’s directions in working with individual, small and large groups
  • Assist with the setup, use and organized return of learning resources
  • Be active in the classroom to help reinforce behavioural expectations, redirecting as necessary

Terms of Employment:
Salary will be determined by the Head of School in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Operations and will be commensurate with the employee’s experience and training. All other terms of employment not covered in this job description are outlined in the Employment Letter and/or the Employment Agreement.
Application Procedure:
Applications should be addressed to the Child Care Coordinator, Randie-Lynn Moffat, and emailed to Please note that due to volume, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
To be considered, complete applications should include the following:

  • Cover letter stating why you believe you are a great fit for this role in terms of training, experience and character;
  • An up-to-date CV/resumé;
  • Contact details of at least three references (preferably those that have directly supervised you and can be contacted) either as a separate file or on the CV; and
  • Two letters of reference
    • Please note that for child protection purposes, the current supervisor must serve as a reference prior to hiring, although not necessarily at the point of application.