Auxiliary Programs Coordinator

Stratford Hall
June 6, 2019
Aug 23 2019
Full Time




Date: June 2019                                                                                         
Position: Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
Department: Support Staff
Reports to: Junior School Principal
Interfaces with: Students, teachers, and the entire school community


Stratford Hall, an independent, K-12 IB World School, invites applications from individuals who wish to join our dynamic team. Located in Vancouver, BC, the School is home to 530 students and a faculty and staff of over 85 teachers and support staff. Our graduates attend the top post-secondary schools in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. Stratford Hall was the first IB continuum school in BC and has a rich tradition of educational excellence in the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.


Position Rationale:
Commencing August 23, 2019, the School is initiating the role of Auxiliary Programs Coordinator (APC) in order to centralize the organization and development of auxiliary programs under the oversight of one employee. Auxiliary programs include after school care, external clubs, and all holiday and summer programs. The APC will also work closely with school staff to coordinate the schedules of all staff-led (internal) clubs and activities during the school year. The APC will also work closely with the Senior Leadership Team in expanding the scope of programs offered to Stratford Hall families during the school year and to School families and the external community during school breaks and holidays.


Preferred Attributes:

  • Strong communication skills in English, both spoken and written
  • Strong organizational, communication, administrative and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team
  • Self-motivated, self-directed and disposed to taking initiative
  • Strong management and leadership skills
  • A passion for working with children and leading the adults that work with them



  • Post secondary education/degree/certification in a related field
  • Certification in CPR with AED
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule according to operational needs


Key Responsibilities and Duties:
After School Care Planning

  • Set fees and budget with the Director of Finance and Operations
  • Promote the ASC program
  • Manage registrations for ASC
  • Develop and maintain engaging programs for students served in ASC
  • Establish and ensure the adherence of safety routines and emergency procedures
  • Assess and manage risk related to ASC
  • After School Care Operations
  • Ensure students are safe at all times and that they are adequately supervised
  • Set procedures for student sign-in and sign-out and ensure they are followed
  • Manage the ASC staff and related facilities
  • Ensure that all outside spaces, including Clark Park, are clean and safe to use
  • Liaise with the Finance Department to provide registration/attendance information for billing purposes, including drop ins
  • Approve, and submit to Finance, timesheets for payroll for hourly ASC staff 
  • Track budget and ensure that operations are within budget
  • Communicate with parents as required
  • Assist in the identification, development, application, and evaluation of policies and procedures related to ASC
  • Develop new programs which enhance the student experience
  • Provide yearly employee evaluations/reviews and growth plans for ASC staff
  • Order supplies

Camps and Summer School

  • Develop programs that are varied, interesting and engaging for students during November Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer Break and on Professional Development / early dismissal days
  • Meet all standards for After School Care in the running of camps and programs (as above)
  • Ensure that appropriate facilities are used, that bookings for buses and facilities are completed and that adequate insurance is in place in advance of activities
  • Ensure that camps are financially independent
  • Work with Principals to ensure Summer School programs align with the School’s mission and vision
  • Create a Stratford Hall Summer Program Handbook, which includes all policies and procedures


  • Establish and maintain registration records
  • Create attendance sheets with participant emails for all club providers 


  • Research and source vendors in collaboration with the Principal(s), e.g. for athletics, science/technology, and arts clubs
  • Meet with club instructors and Principal(s) to discuss club descriptions, costs, and scheduling needs
  • Liaise with teachers and principals to identify suitable venues for clubs, e.g. classrooms or otherwise
  • Ensure adequate and current insurance is in place and on file for all external club vendors


  • In collaboration with the Principals, schedule school staff into clubs on an annual basis


  • Hire, orient and train staff, with input from appropriate Principals, Directors and Human Resources
  • Manage/supervise all staff members under the auspices of auxiliary programs
  • Ensure that After School Care staff members are in designated play areas before students arrive
  • Manage the Commercial Drive crossings so that safety is assured
  • Report any incidents involving students to the supervising teacher in a timely manner
  • Report any behavioural concerns to the appropriate homeroom teachers and Junior School Principal in a timely manner
  • Ensure that first aid bags are taken to the fields
  • Develop and implement programs for Clark Park cleanliness and to mitigate damage to the park

In-Class Support

  • Provide a schedule to the Junior School Principal of when ASC workers are available for in-class support

Terms of Employment:
Salary will be determined by the Head of School in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Operations and will be commensurate with experience, skills and attributes. 

Application Process:
All interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume attention Human Resources to