Director of Technology in Education

Meadowridge School
Maple Ridge
June 6, 2018
Jun 6 2018
As Soon As Possible
Full Time

Director of Technology in Education (JK to 12)
“We view technology as a means to learning, not an end in itself.”
Meadowridge is an independent, co-educational day school offering an IB education to 600 students ages 3 to 17 (JK to 12), in Maple Ridge, B.C. We are accredited by many agencies (provincial, national and international) and we work rigorously to provide a world class education.  More importantly, we seek to help children reach their potential in an environment of care where they are dignified and treated with kindness.
Our mission is to “live well with others and for others in a just community”.
At Meadowridge, we understand that technology is entwined in everything that we do. At this time of rapid, dramatic, and widespread technological change, it has become central to our teaching. Technology in schools is a challenge because it is not a fixed thing. New software changes the way we use computers almost daily, and the ways of interacting with programs and devices quickly become obsolete.
For this reason, we focus on learning how to use technology, not specific applications, programs, or operating systems. The goal is to have staff and students use any technology which is helpful and appropriate to their personal intentions, while not becoming dependent upon the technology itself.
We distribute technology at our school in such a way that it informs learning and creation and problem-solving. Computers are throughout the school and used in every subject by every child after Grade 5. With younger children, while there is still much use, it is guided closely, since people still learn best by using every mode of learning—physical, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic are most important with younger learners.
We carefully direct our technological resources. Each subject has technology appropriate to the area and that facilitates learning.  Our current resources, include:

• 800+ computers in use daily,
including portable class sets
for early learners
• Classroom iPads
• Office 365 suite of programs available to all students and staff and used as a central system
• Extensive digital library resources,
including subscriptions to online databases and websites
• Fiber-optic internet connection
• High speed Wi-Fi coverage
throughout the school
• Web-based, high-speed
printing for all users
• Online photo-sharing in a secure space
• Music composition and digital
recording equipment and software
• Wide-format industrial latex printer
• Advanced student information systems
• Integrated systems for teacher planning and reporting, student assignments, recording and communications between students and teachers
• All classrooms equipped with projectors
and sound systems; teachers may also opt
for Smartboards when appropriate
• Experimental science greenhouse equipped with a varying UV light system, irrigation system, and full exhaust
• Apple TV for use in Physical and
Health Education (PHE)
• Digital signage throughout the school
• Computer-based microscopes
• Vernier Sensors with Logger Pro,
a data-collection and analysis software
• 3D printers and supplies
• Laser cutter and engraver
• Table saws, band saws, hand saws,
and other carpentry tools
• Lighting and sound equipment
for a fully-integrated theatre,
including intelligent lights
• Three levels of robotics design equipment
• Jewelry-making equipment
• Document cameras
• Graphing calculators
• Digital spectrometers
• Laser, Tesla coil, and Van de Graaff
generator for Physics

The Director of Technology In Education provides technology vision and leadership, including spearheading the development of the overall schools Information Technology strategic plan in collaboration with the management team.   This position is also responsible for IT strategic and tactical planning, as well as identifying, selecting, and deploying the appropriate technology resources that will support the school’s goals and objectives.   Responsibilities include directing all IT operations to meet the end user requirements, as well as, the support and maintenance of existing applications and development of new technical solutions. 
The Director of Technology In Education is a creative and dynamic leader focussed on developing or implementing new products, services, or processes and is tasked to improve collaboration across all areas and programmes within the school. The Director oversees and works alongside individuals and teams as they investigate, experiment, then implement initiatives of innovation for school improvement.
Meadowridge School seeks a visionary, passionate, organized and hard-working leader to use Technology to support world class education within an IB Continuum School setting. While IT experience is central to the role, we are looking for someone with a background in education.  IT should serve the purposes of teaching and learning, not enslave it.   The position is salaried and full-time (1.0 FTE).  Remuneration is superior for this position and working conditions are as well.  You will find the environment to be fun, friendly and supportive of your efforts.   The Director of Technology In Education reports directly to the Deputy Head of School. 
• Communicate the company’s technology strategy to board of directors, management, staff, partner organizations, customers, volunteers, and stakeholders.
• Work with faculty to facilitate and enhance the vision and goals of technology implementation
• Participate as a member of the school’s web content team
• Select and set up web-based internal communications systems, such as a wiki, blog, chatroom, project management, and bug tracking systems.
• Assess and report on all aspects of technology related to educational goals of the school
• Create and maintains online and printed help sheets for a variety of software and hardware
• Provide oversight for student and staff laptops
• Documents use of technology for ongoing assessment and publication purposes
• Participate in the selection and registration of the company’s web site domain names, including any related-but-unused domains that could compromise the integrity of the business (through competition, typosquatting, etc.).
• Support the marketing process by providing implementation of technical requirements for Internet marketing and search engine optimization.
Budget Management:
• Develops business case justifications and cost/benefit analysis for technology initiatives. Prepares request for proposals (RFP's) for technology equipment and services
Ethical Use of Technology
• Integrate use of the school’s web site and Office 360 Portal consistent with the school’s educational mission
• Develop and follow a school Technology Plan, Acceptable Use Policy, copyright laws, and technology guidelines.
• Interpret the school’s instructional technology program for staff, parents, and members of the community.
• Partner with members of the community to articulate mission values and connections between ethics and technology
• Establish a governance process that meets government, partner, and company expectations for customer information privacy.
• Participate as a member of the senior management team in establishing governance processes of direction and control to ensure that objectives are achieved, risks are managed appropriately, and the organization’s resources are used responsibly, particularly in the areas of software development, office networks and computers, and telecommunications
Network Administration
• Oversee the computer network with the aim of supporting both education and business technologies while ensuring the safety and security of the infrastructure and information.
• Maintain hardware and software inventories including licensing and securing of software media
• Coordinate with and assist the network specialist to ensure the backup of all servers.
• Meets with technology department to assess and remediate educational configuration and support issues
• Lead strategic planning to achieve business goals by identifying and prioritising development initiatives and setting timetables for evaluation, development, and deployment of all mobile and internet-based services
• Direct development and execution of an enterprise-wide disaster recovery and business continuity plan
• Collaborate with the senior management, faculty and staff to develop use cases (or user stories) and specifications that describe the implementation of the company’s services as mobile and internet applications.
Professional Development
• Participate in the design, coordination, and provision of instructional technology workshops, and researching and/or providing individual training opportunities for teachers to ensure the best use of technology.
• Participate in technology-related professional development opportunities including self-study, workshops, and conferences on school, district, provincial and national levels, as approved.
• Train individual teachers and students to use software, hardware, and peripheral devices as needed
• Develop and offers technology training workshops for teachers
• Serve as a mentor to teachers and staff for technology use
• Research and publicize professional development workshop offerings

Resource Management
• Provide access to appropriate resources for all staff, faculty, and administration to effectively do their jobs
• Liaise with vendors and service providers to ensure efficient and cost-effective acquisition of technology purchases; oversee warranties and service agreements.
Support for Teaching & Learning
• Develop benchmarks for student technology proficiency
• Create formative assessment processes that frequently measure progress towards those benchmarks
• Assist faculty in the design of standards-based, technology rich curriculum that improves student learning
• Seek out and work with teachers to develop technology related lessons and curriculum
• Assist educators in planning for the use and integration of technology in the instructional program
• Establish an environment which encourages creative and independent use of instructional technology throughout the school.
• Model effective uses of appropriate instructional technology in the classroom and the school media center for teachers and students.
• Research new and emerging technologies, software and hardware solutions, in keeping with the technology plan and school-based instructional goals
• Teach and/or team-teach technology related lessons as needed with classroom teachers
• Develop and maintains technology related lesson, curriculum, and standards documents
• Meet with grade level, and departments, to assess and plan curriculum

• Experience identifying and assessing technology opportunities combined with a proven ability to effectively manage budgets.
• Ability to support the Educational Technology Cohort group and help foster both the commitment and the ability for technology within the classroom.
• Very strong interpersonal skills and a proven track record building relationships and establishing credibility with multiple stakeholder groups.
• Ability to explain technical concepts and theories to non-technical audiences.
• Strong negotiation and prioritization skills.
• An active, high-energy constitution, able to work with goals and deadlines and cope with a wide variety of projects simultaneously.
• Strong and decisive business acumen with the savvy and judgment to understand and respond to the diverse technology requirements of the School.
• Strong and confident, with a direct approach and persuasive communication skills, both orally and written.
• Strategic, creative thinker and effective initiator who can provide valuable input to the school’s Technological direction, and who has the adaptability and ability to tackle issues and seek solutions from a variety of perspectives.
• A teaching degree is mandatory. 
• Broad knowledge of policy and risk management
• Understanding of federal and provincial laws safeguarding personal information
• Strong computer skills
• Minimum of 5+ years related experience with managing information technology with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.  
• Comprehensive knowledge and experience with technology and can translate both classroom and business requirements into practice.  
• In-depth knowledge of how technology enables the individual to link the benefits of using various tools within the classroom to support 21st century learning for our students. 
• Is current on best technology practices within other Schools and collaboratively imparts this knowledge to others by contributing to the long-term technology plan for the School. 
• Experience organizing and leading a Service Desk support model.
• Administrative experience
• Experience with a variety of productivity software
• Experience maintaining, running, and troubleshooting a network infrastructure
• Experience managing and preparing budgets
• Proven track record of successfully affecting change
• Proven track record of successful project management
We are an exemplary employer – providing a fun, engaging and supportive place to work!  Applicants should submit their cover letter and resumes, along with the names of at least two references and BC teaching certificate, to